Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can your property accommodate?
We can accommodate up to 125 guests.
Do you provide catering services?
We have a preferred caterer, but you can choose your own with our approval.
Can my dog be part of the ceremony?
Yes, if the dog is leashed and has a full time companion.
Do you offer beer or spirits?
You must purchase our wines at discounted price. You can get a one-day ABC license for beer. You purchase the beer. We pour the beer. Whatever wine or beer is left over, you take with you after the wedding. Distilled spirits are not permitted on the property at any time.
Do you have an on-site wedding coordinator?
We only provide the venue and the wine. We have an Inn on the property that can accommodate ten guests. You can rent the Inn for a minimum of two nights.
Is mine the only wedding happening at your location that day?
We only host one wedding per week-end. Your event rental includes access on the afternoon before the wedding for set-up and the morning after for break-down.
How can I view the space?
We accept appointments (703-622-2207). There are also video tours of the winery on our website and a drone video of a recent wedding available on You Tube under Gauthier Vineyard.
Where does the ceremony take place if there is inclement weather?
The event center has both an outdoor and a covered venue for the ceremony.
Do I need a planner or coordinator for the day of my wedding?
We only provide the venue, wine and optional accommodations.
Can we take pictures in the space beforehand?
Yes. The event center is accessible to the wedding party, photographers and vendors beginning 10:00 AM the day of the event.
Can I use my own vendors?
With the exception of the caterer, you have discretion. Any caterer other than our recommended caterer must be approved by Gauthier Vineyard.
Can I have a DJ or a band?
Yes. You can have either, but a band will reduce the area for dining and dancing.
Can I use Gauthier Vineyard for just my ceremony?
Do you serve hard liquor?
Distilled spirits are not permitted on our property.
Can I bring my own alcohol?
Off-premise alcohol is prohibited by VA law. You can have beer if you purchase a one-day license from ABC. You purchase the beer, and we pour the beer. Whatever beer is not consumed leaves with you.
Can I bring in a cake?
Yes. We do not provide cake. Our caterer does not provide cake.
Do you offer dietary restricted options for guests?
Our caterer will accommodate those requests.
Do you host rehearsal dinners?
Yes, we have several choices for a fee.
When can my vendors (Florist, DJ, photographer, etc.) arrive?
They have access from noon until 5:00 PM on Friday, from 10:00 AM until 10:00 PM on Saturday, and from 9:00 AM until noon on Sunday.
When do my vendors have to clean up?
Everything has to be removed by noon on Sunday.
Are you wheelchair accessible?