Gauthier Vineyard Case Club

September 26, 2020

Gauthier Vineyard’s Case Club

As we enter our seventh year of tasting room operations, we have developed a keen awareness of who, by their transactions, have become our regular patrons.  The current business disruption imposed by COVID 19 has not affected our commitment to our small family-owned business.  We have never shut down, even when only  the loyal few dared to come.  We thank them for that.  We did not, nor will we, lay-off staff.  On the contrary, the sharp decline in our typical Spring operational tempo provided our Team with time to reflect upon our business model.  We have decided it is time to recognize and reward the loyalty of our “Regulars” with substantial discounts.   Over time, this initiative will be tailored around the preferences and buying patterns of those who have earned our gratitude through their loyalty.  We are all ears, and look forward to the inputs of those who choose to participate.  Anyone is eligible to participate in this Program simply by meeting the Program requirements.

The Gauthier Vineyard Case Club Concept:  Members agree to purchase a minimum of one case per quarter of wines available in the tasting room.  After purchase of your first case, you will become a member in good standing.  As such, you will  have earned a 20% discount on subsequent case and bottle purchases.   As always, these wines must be purchased in person on the premises.  Each purchase will be by cash/check or charged to a single credit card.  As a Member, your name will be kept on file, and all transactions will be recorded at the time of purchase.  Membership benefits are not transferrable except between spouses.

Memberships will automatically renew on each anniversary of the purchase of your first case (twelve bottles of any wines of your choosing), and membership will remain in good standing as long as the  terms of membership continue to be met.   Members can withdraw from the Gauthier Vineyard Case Club at any time with simple verbal or email notice.  Members will automatically forfeit membership benefits if they fail to meet the above conditions of membership.  Due to our self-imposed ceiling of the winery’s annual wine sales, there will be a limited number of memberships available, and once those have been filled, a waiting list will be established and maintained.

In addition to the discounts mentioned above, we will engage the Members in a discussion of the merits of membership perks such as: 1. invitations to private winery events to include catered dinners downstairs for members and their guests (minimum 4 couples plus the owners @ $100 per couple, including wine); 2. access to private events in the Gazebo and/or the Wine Cave at $25 per person by reservation (first come first served); and, 3. private farm tours and free tastings for members and a guest couple.  We will poll the Members to determine interest in participating in the harvest, grape crushing and pressing events to include picnics served to “Pickers.”  We are also considering setting aside some wines for member-only purchases for specified periods of time.

Once we have launched the Case Club, we will consult with the Members to identify other ways of enhancing membership.  It is our intent is to reward our Members for their loyalty with good value, flexibility and simplicity.   

If you are interested in joining, please contact Mo or Sandi Gauthier