Open for Business on February 1st!

We are pleased to announce the opening of Gauthier Vineyard’s Winery on February 1st 2014. The one lane, winding colonial farm road from Farmer’s Drive leading to the tasting room provides a lovely view of the land and affords fleeting views of the many wild critters we share the property with – bald eagles, golden eagles, wild geese, kingfishers, herons, deer, foxes, rabbits, ground hogs, turtles, beaver and squirrels. Please drive slowly and remain alert for oncoming traffic around the blind bends. A century-old pond stocked with fish provides reflection views from the winery’s wrap-around porch. The road to the winery across the pond’s dam is too narrow to accommodate buses. Vans and Limo’s are welcomed. Please lookout for our critters and our other guests as you proceed with caution and enjoy the country setting.

During the winter, operating hours at the winery are on Saturday and Sunday from noon to six. This limited opening will allow us to focus on providing the best possible experience to our patrons, affording us the time to engage each for their recommendations to refine our offerings and service. We look forward to the ‘launch and christening’ phase of the winery – please join us by enjoying conversation over a fine glass of wine while seated in front of the fireplace.