Mulled Wine is Here!

In the basic sense, mulled wine is a form of tea. Spiced and heated wine was first recorded in Rome in the second century AD. As the Romans conquered land and traded, they spread their wine and recipes to all of Europe. There are versions from throughout the world, but the most familiar model calls for cinnamon and cloves or nutmeg in wine and served warm during cold weather months.

In the Netherlands, mulled wine is known as bisschopswijn.

The French call it vin chaud.

In Bulgaria, it is listed as greyano vino.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia and Servia, mulled wine is referred to as kuhano vino/kuvano vino.

Brazilians ask for quentão or vinho quente.

In Chile, is called vino navega’o.

Norwegians order glögg.

And in Germany and Austria, you sip Glühwein.

Whatever you call it, mulled wine is delicious. Please join us around the crackling fireplace this winter and enjoy this delightful seasonal drink!